CompanyFrancesco Lippi

My name is Francesco Lippi

I am wine and olive grower in Vinci, Tuscany.

Being winemaker and olive grower means to me passion in my job, working in harmony with nature. I am convinced that a low environmental impact agriculture can grow healthy plants, capable of excellent results, which can then be transformed into healthy products.

Based on such beliefs, I chose to manage my activity “Luggiano” in Vinci, Tuscany, according to the principles of organic farming.

I observe plants to understand what they need, without altering their natural rhythms; I let the grass grow in my vineyards and among my olive trees to protect the ecosystem of the soil and I try as much as possible to preserve the natural fertility of the soil, without using chemical fertilizers. Only if necessary, I just resort to the green manure technique. The work in vineyard and in olive grove follows the natural cycle of plants, switching from winter dormancy to spring awakening; the ripening of fruits in summer and the harvest in autumn are mostly handmade. I do not use pesticides because plants that grow healthy and in balance with the surrounding environment are more resistant to diseases and pest attacks. Just in case of need, I use antagonist microorganisms or targeted treatments based on sulfur and copper, in compliance with parameters established by organic law.

Making wine and extra virgin IGP olive oil in accordance with the principles of organic and sustainable agriculture is a demanding and heavy job, it requires much effort and professionalism, but it is also the smartest choice for the management of natural resources.