Passito is a dessert wine made from Malvasia grapes, dried in plan. So thanks to this procedure sugar and aroms are concentrated in the grapes. The result is a wine of greater concentration and a high sugar.


Wine details

Classification: Passito Bianco Toscana I.G.T
Vine variety: Malvasia
Production area: Vinci – Firenze – Toscana
Harvest: The grapes are harvested by hand in October.
Production technology: The freshly harvested grapes are subjected to a soft pressing, the must is aged in small wooden barrels where aged for 3 years.
Bottling: After the maturation period the wine is decanted and it is bottled.
Storage: 5 years from bottling.
Alcohol content: 15 %
Tasting notes: Amber color, intense aroma of raisin, on the palate is sweet and fresh.
Serving temperature: 8-10° C
Food pairing: Wine for dessert, it is particulary good with cakes and pastries

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