Geniale is a BRILLIANT wine made from a blend of 85% Petit Verdot grapes and 15% Gamay grapes. The grape Petit Verdot is hailing from Medoc, France; it is very demanding in maturation and it often expresses its best potential far from its place of origin. It produces wines of intense ruby red color, with fruity and floral aromas and a special spicy note, with tannins in evidence even if soft. Suitable for long ageing and blending with other wines.

Gamay is the red grape of Beaujolais par excellence, the famous Burgundy French young wine. The variety is very premature during the whole growing cycle, so it is sensitive to spring frosts, it tends to overproduction and therefore it requires strict practices to obtain high quality wines. It creates wines of ruby red color with purple and blue shades, with intense aromas of raspberry, black cherry, plum, blueberry, strawberry, sometimes even floral aromas (violet and rose). Such wines are appreciated for their lightness, high acidity, they do not have high tannic quantity and are suitable to be drunk not later than two-three years.

Geniale was born after several trials, it is a very particular wine made of two different grape varieties (Petit Verdot and Gamay) that complement each other as in a beautiful love story.


Wine details

Classification: Red I.G.T Tuscany
Vine Variety: 85% Petit Verdot and 15% Gamay
Production area: Vinci – Florence – Tuscany
Production technology: The manual harvest begins with the harvest of Gamay grapes, which are the first to reach maturity, and continues till the end of September, with Petit Verdot grapes. The selected grapes are conveyed in stainless steel tanks where the alcoholic fermentation begins at a controlled temperature of about 27 ° C, thanks to the glucose contained in the grape juice and to the yeast present in their bloom. After that, new interventions are made, in order to ensure the extraction of anthocyanins, flavours and the right amount of tannins (must reassembling and dèlestage technique). The maceration usually lasts 7-8 days.
Maturation: At the end of malolactic fermentation the wines are aged in oak barrique of medium toast to intensify the bouquet of sweet spice. After the maturation period wines are mixed and the blend is allowed in cement tank, before bottling.
Storage: 5 years from bottling
Alcohol content: 13.5%
Tasting notes: Deep ruby red color with nuances of blue. Floral aromas and notes of red fruits like raspberry and cranberry. Complex floral and fresh fruit harmony palate, long finish, soft and gentle tannins in balance with a good acidity.
Serving temperature: 18 ° C
Food pairing: Pleasant with typical Tuscan cold cuts, tomato and mushrooms first dishes. Perfect with lightly flavored roast or grill meat.

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